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Transparent is taking the detailing industry by storm. Jason and Greg of Chicago Auto Pros have taken full advantage of Transparent, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. 

What is Transparent?

Transparent by GlassParency is a revolutionary program, allowing professional car care shops that meet our program standards to offer levels of warranty coverage to their customers that were traditionally only available in dealerships for highly inflated prices. We created Transparent because we knew there had to be a better way for consumers to get the coverage they want.

What are the levels of coverage?

Added value for approved coatings systems, peace of mind for your customer. We cover where the manufacturer leaves off, offering protection against coating failure due to bird stains, uv damage, bug splatter, as well as fading or oxidation of the paint. Up to $3,500 in coverage.


Covers vinyl, leather, and carpeted interior surfaces against damage from spills, stains, burns, rips and tears. Offers up to $1,000 in total coverage, with multiple repairs allowed.


Covers the repair of minor dents and dings typically fixable by PDR. Offers up to $1,000 in total coverage with multiple repairs allowed.


Covers the cost to repair or replace a lost, damaged, or stolen Key Fob. Covers 1 key per 12 months with reprogramming, metal key blade cutting, and battery replacement costs included.

Key Fob

Provides coverage to repair or replace a windshield damaged by road debris. Repair or replacement coverage available, including unlimited claims, windshield recalibration, and a GP Windshield application.


Covers repair or replacement of wheels and tires that are damaged by road hazards, such as nails, glass, potholes, and even cosmetic damage. Up to $5,000 in total coverage, with multiple repairs allowed.

Tire & Wheel

Covers the repair of damaged or dulled headlights, in the event a headlight cannot be repaired, the warranty covers replacement. Offers up to $1,000 in coverage, $500 per headlight.


Covers the paint of a vehicle protected by PPF from chipping or scratching. Offers up to $3,500 in coverage, includes the reapplication of the PPF in the event that there is a claim. 


Why Transparent?

Transparent is finally providing consumers with a way to buy insured warranties outside of the dealership. With Transparent, they're buying through you, their trusted car care specialist. This allows you to offer your customers the coverage they want, providing peace of mind while improving your shop's bottom line profits. 


Increase profits

All of our Transparent Warranty Specialists can enjoy dedicated support from their own portfolio manager. Our portfolio mangers know their customers and their needs, their only job is to help you in any way they possibly can. Whether it's sales technique advice, technical support, or just talking about ideas on how to market Transparent in your shop, your portfolio manager is here for you. 


Portfolio managers

Transparent Warranties are easy to submit, and are fully paperless, making the process smooth for you and your clients. Submitting a warranty is as easy as scanning the VIN, selecting coverage, taking photos, and having your customer sign off. On average, it takes only 4-5 minutes to submit a warranty, whether it's just one or a whole package. 


5 Minutes to Profit

Your success is ours, so we do everything we can to support our Warranty Specialists efforts to market and sell warranties. Transparent advertises for you, creating high quality video content, photos, and more, all available to you to share and use on your business pages. Your shop is also added to our warranty specialist locator, connecting interested buyers directly to you


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